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Noise Therapy is a good message and fun hard rock show playing the best hard rock music around Your host is Chris "The Rev" Marsh, Nebraska Born and Texas Strong. Noise Therapy is an emotional rock n roller coaster ride, it will make you go up and down, it will take you on a journey, make you scream with excitement and make you want to come back! this show will have all sorts of delicious tracks! So please crank it up and you will either piss off your neighbors or make them dance!! Revolution is Here!! Crank It Up!!


Noise Therapy Gives Back!!!


May 29th 7pm central

Rockers Against Cancer. ALL proceeds are going to St Jude Childrens Hospital. Great show with 5 bands-Empiires, Scary Cherry & The Bang Bangs, Fly Above Fire, Hold on Hollywood and Solshifter with a special performance from David Fox at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, TX Special thanks to

Bradley Springs


Joshua Winch

for hosting the show!!



Rock Against  Cancer is a compilation put together by Chris "The Rev" Marsh. Which features 41 musicians with a common cause. All the proceeds to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Stations Noise Therapy Is Played On

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Mondays 8pm Central

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Mondays 7pm Cenral

Wednesday 3pm central

Mondays 4pm Central

Sundays 6pm Central

Monday 8pm Central

Fridays and Saturdays 10pm central

Saturday 3 pm central

Wednesday 8pm central

Wednesday 8pm central

Friday 6pm Central
Sunday 8pm Central

Fridays 6pm Central

Fridays 9pm Central

Sundays 9pm Central

Fridays after 11pm Central

Tuesdays 3pm Central

Mondays 9pm Central

Mondays 7pm Central

Saturdays 5pm Central

Saturdays 9pm central

Wednesdays 3pm Central

Thursdays 9 pm Central and Tuesday 9 am Central

Friday and Tuesday nights 7pm central

Saturdays 8pm Central

Thursdays 5pm Central

Fridays 11pm Central

Saturdays 3pm Central

Tuesdays 4pm Central

Wednesdays 2pm Central

Tuesdays 9pm Central

Saturdays 7pm Central

Tuesdays 5pm Central

Mondays 8pm Central

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Thursdays 6pm Central

Thursdays 3pm Central

Details Soon

Wednesdays 10am Central

Saturdays 10am Central

Wednesdays 11:00 am Central


Fridays 11pm Central

Fridays 4pm Central

Sundays 7am Central and Mondays 9pm Central

Tuesdays 2 pm Central

Fridays 8pm Central

Thrusdays 8pm Central

Thursdays 11pm central

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Deal Radio

Details Soon

Down Under Radio

Fridays 6pm Central

Sundays 9am Central

Fridays 11pm Central

Sundays 7pm Central

Saturdays 10pm Central

Sundays 11pm Central

Tuesdays 1:30am Central

Details Soon

KJAG Radio


Details Soon

Wednesdays 7pm central

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Noise Therapy with The Rev

Hard rock bands please send me your music. mp3's and wav files are fine!!

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